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When life seems bleak or bleary and you feel too unable to go on…

When too many things or too many prople seem to interfere with your ability to be happy, or successful…

When life makes you angry or depressed, or reckless, or wanting to just run away…

When you want to climb back up and get to enjoy life the way it should be…

It may seem that the only way to do it is to have someone who is stronger, more balanced or knowledgeable to take you there!

What about if the true realization is

that you are actually the best person to empower you?

that your flaw is incomplete self-realization, not illness, badness, or foolishness?

that you can easily learn to manage differently if you are shown how to reach in and really know you?

That you can then comfortably take life by the helm and navigate through any turmoil or adversity?

Get your key to a new and satisfying life

Your doctor may have prescribed medications to help you deal with the pain of feeling overwhelmed – that is one key; your counsellor may have helped or shown you how to get away from the clutches of an addiction – another key; your therapist may have helped you through the confusion of failure or rejection – a third key. Now you need a key that opens your ability to see and understand life and see and understand yourself, building the personal strength to take the helm of your life and be the captain of your own voyage forward.

Life is for Growing – Not Surviving

Mental STRENGTH has been the least engaging and yet most demanding aspect of our human existence.  We do not usually work on it, not because it is too abstract and difficult though it is, but because it seems more productive to focus on making life easier and making us stronger from outside.  That can be an exercise in futility because life has a habit of being in a perpetual state of change bringing uncertainty, confusion, imposition no matter how well we have arranged it.  Therefore, it is our desire in this website to navigate you along this road less travelled and help you to build yourself from within.  Let us take you there.