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A Purpose-Driven Life

Lower life forms have two real reasons for living. One is to get food. The other is to not be food. And when those are satisfied, they will play, rest and sleep.  The human being seems to have a higher purpose. It is one of creativity, reason, and spirituality that feed and give value to our being.  It is our mental strength.

With mental strength as our purpose, our focus and drive are healthy. Without it, our ability to function can be erratic at the best of times or driven to distraction trying to succeed or, at least, survive for the moment.  We do have a choice, however. We can rise to that higher purpose and define a value system that focuses on building our mental strength to be the best we can be.  Otherwise, we may live like the lower life forms with value systems that allow us just to live or even to live well.

This is an invitation to choose to be the master of your life, reach to the higher state of creativity, reason, and spirituality so you do because you believe in you, not simply seek to believe in you or have others believe in you for what you have done.  Reach for it if you have neglected it.  Explore it if you just were not given the tools to recognize and respect it.  Expand it if, having started, you need some strategies to energize you on your journey.

You gave me hope when hope was gone. That gave me strength to carry on.

Victor Hugo (paraphrased from Les Miserables)

Our Mission Is to Offer a Comprehensive, Rational Road to Stable Mental Health

It is quite common for anyone to believe that, when they feel mentally weakened, challenged, or distressed, it is because something is amiss within, that their condition is the result of an illness or has caused one. This may be so in a small minority of cases.

The truth, and the most common reason, is that the internal strengths of understanding, reason, and courage are not sufficient or not accessible to allow a feeling of composure with conditions that may be new, unstable, or excessive. This may have resulted because of a twist or change in previously familiar or well understood conditions. It may be a spoken word, a dismissive silence, or an expressed or implied expectation.  It is not necessarily wrong but is beyond your reach… at that time or in that state. It comes and you are not ready.

The usual response is to have the outside problem reduced or fixed, even by someone else, or have the inside weakness fixed even if we don’t really know what we are fixing.  The least ready option is to be able to look within,know how to believe in your ability to create new solutions and apply yourself with confidence, insight, and passion. In other words, build yourself to believe, not in what you know but in your ability to know… when the challenge arrives.

Are you ready to learn to do this?

What Might Motivate You To Use This?

Anyone with a desire to secure Mental Strength to have a purpose and direction that is yours, that comes from within you, can use this.  Remember, even the most knowledgeable counsellor can only give you direction.  YOU must understand and implement it.  This site is designed to give you more than direction.  It will give you precise information, logical deductions, a definition of purpose,and a way to take the ball and run with it – by yourself… for yourself, with yourself.

You May Simply Want to Reach Beyond Your Grasp

The world is rough.  Roadblocks emerge anywhere, anytime. Sometimes you just want to give up. Sometimes you push yourelf too hard and seem to make no headway. Yet, here you are  because the advancement is not in taming your world; it is in using your world to grow you.  These tools will show you how to refocus your measurement of progress from “without you” to “within you” and use your world as food for that growth. You are already doing it.  They will show you how to do it purposefully.

You May Want to More Effectively Manage a Team, Empower a Client, Raise a Family

Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote, “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” You see? A person is best equipped to do their best if that is driven from within. And that is driven from within when they have the experience to feel better informed, personally capable, and proud of themselves. because THEY know and they know how to know.  

You May Want to Pull Yourself Out Of An Existential Rut

Being in a rut is not a cause for shame.  Everyone has fallen in at some time. No one is immune.  When you are in a rut, it is so easy to look for the quickest way out that you may often be inclined to seek help to escape the conditions or suppress them.  Yet your best bet is to look inside you and find the strength to pull yourself up.  Building you is a far better solution that gives you more lasting options than is any effort to save you while leaving you just as vulnerable to the next challenge.

You May Want to Conquer an Addiction or Leave a Destructive Lifestyle

An addiction is not a death knoll and neither is immaturity a state that defines you.  They are the result of your natural desire to soften life’s barbs or just to experience an artificial distraction when they seem too great.  It does not make you less human, but it can stop you from growing.  Then, less prepared for life’s challenges, the spurious comfort your distraction provides can be a welcome escape.  These tools lead you to build the insight so you face life with self-worth and desire, not restraint and support.

You May Want to Curb Anger or Leave a Criminal Past

Do you know that, like other instinctual reactions, aggression is a necessary part of our existence? Road rage, disagreements at work or home, or an expression of frustration at a task or event may seem to be an undesirable part of your personality.  These are your brutish strengths, but you are more than that.  The human being is equipped with a more rational strength – your mental strength. If, therefore, you use natural instincts too much, does it not simply mean that you need to polish your mental strength?

You May Want to Save a Relationship, Heal a Family Division...

Division and discord are inevitable parts of life.  Each one of us functions with thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that are hidden within us.  Thus, no matter how much we believe we understand the other person or that they do or should understand us, we still have to interpret their expressions with our feelings and perceptions.  If, however, you manage the mental strength to see beyond your feelings and your perspective, you will be more considerate without compromising yourself in any relationship.

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