Empower Yourself

This is a journey with a real destination. The destination is you. At the end of it, we anticipate that you will discover you – your being, your purpose, your strengths and capabilities and ways to solidify your appreciation of each.

Discover The Beauty Within

Learn how to determine the parameters of what cannot be seen from the outside – your feelings, thoughts, capabilities, and limitations, and how you see the world and your place in it. You will examine what are the visions that drive you and the insecurities that hinder you and generate the defensive behaviours that are revealed as abnormal when you “should know better”.

It will not give you a few easy answers you can apply immediately to feel good or look good because self-discovery and self-appreciation takes a lifetime.  Perhaps that is why the human being has, not one year, but fifteen years of childhood – and why we have up to 90 years for further self-development.  You see, the child in you may feel that having a large fish in hand is more than enough.  The adult knows that knowing how to fish gives a lot more.  Therefore, the major objective is to lead you to examine yourself and establish the building blocks that will give you an unwavering authority over yourself and how to respond to the world.  It prepares you to be your own master, not one who functions as a trained robot, but one who uses discernment before initiating a response.


Explore Purpose

That Life is more than survival

Disappointments abound.  Stress, loneliness, insecurity, they all may seem unfair but they all are invitations for us to rise above the crowd.

We will take you through an examination of life, not with ways to circumvent the stresses, but with ways to become largher than them.  The same result ensues but one has a feeling of accomplishment.  The other has a feeling of escape, only for the minute but not for another day.

We will examine the properties of the human being as a living, breathing, but also thinking force of intelligence. These explorations will guide you to recognize the power of the mind as your greatest asset. We will explore it generally with a search for answers to your more pressing questions. Who are you? What are you? Why are you? What do you have that establishes your right and your ability to exist and establish yourself as an entity of value?

We will examine the reality we occupy. We will examine the world as the physical reality we occupy and have to wrestle with in order to live and see that it also allows us to growmentally. We will examine it using modern science explaining the discoveries of science in a simple observation of quantum physics, relativity, chaos theory, and electromagnetism. At the end you will have a cursory understanding of these invisible activities that form and change our reality and a better idea how to respect it and live in unison with it.

We will examine our society, how it is made up of individuals, each parrying with the world and with each other to the satisfaction of their own needs. It will explore how the efforts of each person to create balance to his/her own needs will create disruption for the other. Most importantly, it uses the discoveries from the first two modules to show how to use mental strength to make yourself more confident, more successful, and more comfortable no matter how your challenges evolve.

Finally, we will show you how to apply your new insight to each of these three elements and know how to keep them in balance even as their inherent instability constantly acts to disrupt you.  Each disruption will become a sweet challenge to let you BUILD, BUILD, BUILD yourself into the best you can be.

It is about learning

that when you reach the top of one obstacle, it only reveals that there are many more ahead that were always there but not visible before.

With mental strength, you see them as opportunities to feed your wisdom, not obstacles that curtail your emancipation.

May I engage you in two discourses to prepare you for what you will receive?
Empowerment - What our plan of attack looks like

Where is God when we are most in need of help?