An Introduction

Mental Strength is the only quality in the human existence we are required to build.

We are born with a body that is fully formed and operational.  We do not have to kick-start anything.  During our lifetime we do not improve on it.  Yes we must provide it with food, exercise, and rest to keep it healthy.  We simply provide.  The body uses.  We never have to beat the heart or function the liver.  They work.  Without our conscious input, however, mental strength cannot be energized or expanded.  So let us show you how you can BUILD it.

We first will show you that it is not only your responsibility but it is your reward and unique capability.

What, therefore, is Mental Strength?  Is it the same as spiritual strength? or existential strength?  Is it just courage or determination?  I am not going to explore those questions yet.  I wish, however, to explain that, though I am examining this very sacrosanct aspect of the human person from an analysis based on logic, I will not tread on the toes of those of us who consider it the territory of God or our relationship with God.   I wish to speak to theists and atheists alike without offending either.  So though I will accept the idea of God, I will not push it.  I will, instead, attempt to explain God as the source of wisdom inviting us to build self by building mental strength, not one who leaves us to cower behind that power as a source of protection if we deserve it and punishment if we don’t.

Now that you have seen that I intend to take you, not along a path I have devised or embraced but along a path that leads you to identify and ignite your own mental strength, please click below to see the structure of how I intend to get you there.   You will see that I do not insult you by showing you how mentally strong people act and tell you that if you act that way you will have mental strength.  I WILL show you, instead, how to get it if you don’t have it and have ownership of it if you do.  I want you to live life, love life, and be fully grounded no matter how tough and unpredictable is the territory… and it will be!