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Mental health and behavioural rehabilitation is different from mental health and behavioural treatment.  In treatment, we use medications, psychotherapy, advocacy, or even punishment to change the behaviour or treat the mental weakness as an illness.  In rehabilitation, focus is on providing information, encouragement, and discipline to identify the slack in the realization of the two main components of human endeavour – the recognition of the physical reality as a naturally changing and challenging existent and the knowledge how to face it with composure.  And, with that, build or rebuild the mental strength where it is lacking.

We first will show you that it is not only your responsibility but it is your reward and unique capability.

A Few Short Discussions

Let us see where we are taking you. A few short titbits to encourage your interest
Our Search for Meaning
About Insecurity
About Apathy
About Aggression
About Substance Use

Many people have asked me if I am going to push the idea of God or that God exists.  I tell them no.  Yet, I feel it is essential to show you why I do not push the idea and yet I do believe in the presence of God.  Here is a short explanation.

Now that you have seen that I intend to take you, not along a path I have devised or embraced but along a path that leads you to identify and enflame your own mental strength, please click below to go to video podcasts and get started.  I will not insult you by showing you how mentally strong people act and tell you that if you act that way you will show mental strength.  I WILL show you how  to get it if you don’t have it and have ownership of it if you do.  I want you to live life, love life, and be fully grounded no matter how tough and unpredictable is the territory… and it will be!

The first module is complimentary