The Challenge

Life is not a chess game.  It is rather more complex. The opponent, nature, has too many moves and is constantly adjusting  at a sub microscopic level presenting new and different states with apparent abandon.  We must, therefore, be better able to anticipate nature and, more importantly, anticipate the responses of other people’s attempts to deal with its ever present challenges.

It becomes even more complex when we consider that people will react to nature differently and frequently at the same time creating greater confusion than was initiated.  They will also react to other people’s reaction or their planned methods of making their reality safer for them, often with heedless disruption to the reality of others.

The public is invited, under supervision of their counsellors or one of our counsellors, to use this platform as a means of building and augmenting their mental strength and understanding.

Professionals are invited to explore these discourses as a tool to augment their counselling and analytic skills. Professionals are also invited, after completion of the study, to freely use this platform as means of educating their clients and patients to build mental strength under their supervision.

Know the Impositions

nature’s relentless volatility,  the purposeful or unwitting attempts of other people to save themselves – even at our expense, or the options we choose or are burdened with as we try to stay alive or feel less oppressed.







Know our assignment

our Assignment

Discover ourselves

Discover our world

Discover our being

Discover our purpose

Confront Reality with courage

Relate to people with composure

First, let us examine the challenge

how we do it

We can be a grand master of our life

Like all lower life forms, every human being is born with a body that functions naturally.  We do not have to learn to beat the heart or guide the liver to function.  Unlike the lower life forms, however, we are born with a mind, a capacity for reason, but it is rudimenmtary.   It is the only quality within ourselves we can build and are required to build.  And what we build belongs only to us. It is as strong as we have given it the energy to be.  Let us put our focus, therefore, on what matters – building mental strength so we can be as strong and as capable as we have given ourselves the right to be.