True Management comes, not from the things or people around you; it comes from your own mental strength

Let’s explore how to build mental strength, not protect its weakness.

You are better served if you know where you are going, why you need to go there, and how to get there positively and purposefully.


1. Have A Purpose-Driven Life

Lower life forms have two real reasons for living. One is to get food. The other is to not BE food. And when those are satisfied, they will play, rest and sleep.  

The human being seems to have a higher purpose. It is that we think.  We can examine, analyze, and reason so we can act intelligently, not only reactively.  This feeds and gives value to our being.  It is our mental strength. 

When we use mental strength as our most important quality, our focus and drive are healthy. We can face life’s adversities head-on, managing where we can and creating solutions where we are challenged.  When we do not use it or have not developed it sufficiently to be fully useful, our ability to function can be no better than that of lower life forms.  Then, we can be driven to distraction trying to elevate ourselves artificially or simply protect our right to exist or just survive.  

This is an invitation to choose to be the master of your life, reach to the higher state of creativity, reason, and judgment so you live because you believe in you, not simply seek to survive, even well.  Reach for it if you have neglected it.  Explore it if you just were not given the tools to recognize and respect it.  Expand it if, having started, you need some strategies to energize you on your journey.

2. Know Your Challenges And Your Strengths

The discourses and examinations we are inviting you to consider may seem to be too abstract and difficult for you to contemplate.   You may even believe that you are probably facing just a little burr along the way to basic living and you don’t want much more than a little hand up to get you back on your feet.  You may even see this as overkill.  On the other hand, if you are confused by life, you may see or feel that you are too weak, sick., or modest to be able to appreciate or even understand it.

This is why I have prepared it as a lecture series coupled with some casual chats, all as audiovisual lessons so you can hammer at each lesson as much or as little as you need.  This is aimed to empower you, not to soothe or hug you.  In other words, there are no ten habits or twelve rules for you to learn and follow.  Just listen and think!

When you set up a private consultation, however, your guide or your own counsellor WILL hug you and show you how to make the ideas yours so you are empowered to really live life to the fullest.  I have broken them down into six sections or modules so they are more easily palatable. I do not apologize for the complexity because life IS complex.  I simply try to introduce some clarity into the complexity.

The Modules

Please read the description of what you may expect from the module you will explore next.  As you will observe, each module is a progression from the prior one and leads to the next.  Therefore, please examine them in sequence.  After you read the description, please click on the heading and you will be taken to that module.  You will, however, need to register for the free access the first module (Module1) after which you can request to proceed to the others if you decide to go on.  You do this by using the link – Full Programme – at the blue menu above.

Professionals are invited to register using the professional tab so they can access the quizzes, support, and assessment. Be inspired.

1. Discover Ourselves

Perhaps, the first thing we will introduce is that the mind is NOT the brain.  The mind is you, the who you are. You already know that or feel it.  I am simply stating categorically that it is not the brain.  You see? I start off attacking the most complex concern. Though it may seem too tough and abstract to comprehend, I will use this first section to present logical arguments that will support this.  (Later, as you become more attuned to the discussions, I will present scientific data and reason to support it.)

2. Discover Our World

The second thing you will be introduced to realize is that life IS hostile and unpredictable… by design.  Bad things do not happen because of the punishment or neglect of an almighty. Things happen… oblivious to you.  The earth belches.  People attempt to make it comfortable to them, but in doing so, they disturb it further for others. And when we are not prepared, these actions can devastate or even destroy… the body though not the mind. (I will show you this)  Thus, there is no such argument as something that SHOULD NOT happen. It happens. You are there. period.

3. Discover Our Being

The third thing you have to know is that adversity is food for the erudition of the mind. Erudition – a big word but one that is appropriate.  It means development in knowledge.  Think of it.  You are born with a body that is fully formed.  Everything that will work is already functioning.  You really do not have to do a single thing just to live.  Of course you must feed it and rest it and use it for it to function, but its function is natural and automatic.  Look at what you know.  The mind is born empty.  Everything you know now, you put it there.  And if you do not work to get and build that knowledge, it will not be there.  Knowledge is not automatic.  I will use reason (that you already have) and judgment (that you can and will expand) to help you build that knowledge and continue building it independently and progressively.

4. Discover Our Purpose

The fourth thing you need to know is that such is the purpose of life – to know… to keep knowing.  The body will die.  That is inevitable.  The mind cannot die.  Build it so it is strong.  Do not dismiss it for the sake of survival.  This will perhaps be the most difficult area of logic and you may have to examine some lessons more than once because I will introduce you to some elevated scientific arguments – relativity, quantum mechanics, chaos and complexity – that will offer irrefutable proof of this argument. It is absolutely necessary so that you can build a sense of purpose that is more sustainable than the natural one of survival.  Survival is the purpose of all lower species… and it is self-limiting, isn’t it?

5. Apply A Strong Self to Your Physical Reality

Now that you have a different but more logical and purposeful sense of life, I will lead you to apply it to your physical challenges.  You will begin to see that adversity happens, not to punish or hinder you, but to give you an opportunity to use them to build knowledge, the only attribute or asset you will always have – even when you cannot display it.  It is only with this new attitude that you will be able to face adversity comfortably and accomplish because you feel empowered rather than seek to feel empowered because of what you may have accomplished.

6. Apply a Strong Self to Your Social Reality

Other people are perhaps the greatest source of adversity.  This is because everyone has the ability to either use reason or react with basal instincts depending on which is relied upon.  The more another person uses reason, the better it is to relate and communicate, but you cannot rely on that.  The more they rely in instinct, the more they will further alter whatever is the common challenge.  And with so many people, each seeing the same thing differently, this can create a real conundrum.  So you must be the one to use reason and elevate yourself or you will, like others, be inclined to aggressively defend your perspective, go along for the sake of peace, or avoid others sometimes to the state of isolation. I will explain in these lessons and our guides will show you how to apply your personal strength, your mental strength, to function in your social reality with dignity, confidence, and a keen sense of purpose.

Look at why you may want to go through this tough, mind-bending but exhilarating exercise.

to Inject Greater Vision and Purpose in Your Life

The world is rough.  Roadblocks emerge anywhere, anytime. Sometimes you just want to give up. Sometimes you push yourself too hard and seem to make no headway. Yet, here you are  because the advancement is not in taming your world; it is in using your world to grow you.  These tools will show you how to refocus your measurement of progress from “without you” to “within you” and use your world as food for that growth. You are already doing it.  They will show you how to do it purposefully.

to More Effectively Manage a Team, Raise a Family

Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote, "If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea." You see? A person is best equipped to do their best if that is driven from within. You may already know more then they. Let these tools guide you to use that power within the soul of everyone and empower it so your charges will do because they believe in themselves, not because they can follow your instructions.

to Pull Yourself Out Of An Existential Rut

Being in a rut is not a cause for shame. Everyone has fallen in at some time. No one is immune. When you are in a rut, it is so easy to look for the quickest way out that you may often be inclined to seek help to escape the conditions or suppress them. Yet your best bet is to look inside you and find the strength to pull yourself up. Building you is a far better solution that gives you more lasting options than is any effort to save you while leaving you just as vulnerable to the next challenge.

to REALLY Leave an Addiction or a Destructive Lifestyle

An addiction is not a death knoll and neither is immaturity a state that defines you. They are the result of your natural desire to soften life’s barbs or just to experience an artificial distraction when they seem too great. It does not make you less human, but it can stop you from growing. Then, less prepared for life’s challenges, the spurious comfort your distraction provides can be a welcome escape. These tools lead you to build the insight so you face life with self-worth and desire, not restraint and support.


to Curb a Toxic Anger or Leave a Criminal Past

Do you know that, like other instinctual reactions, aggression is a necessary part of our existence? Road rage, disagreements at work or home, or an expression of frustration at a task or event may seem to be an undesirable part of your personality. These are your brutish strengths, but you are more than that. The human being is equipped with a more rational strength – your mental strength. If, therefore, you use natural instincts too much, does it not simply mean that you need to polish your mental strength?

to Save a Relationship, Heal a Family Division

as a counsellor, to give your clients clarity to do these exercises more insightfully

What if there was a way to make everyone comfortable and secure in life?

What if the way we have been trying to do it will never work?
• That we cannot tame the world and the people in it?
• That we cannot soothe the ill feelings while life continues to impose change and calamity?
• That we cannot give a magic pill to make everyone calm without also making them foolish?

What if there was a way to help people to immunize themselves so they can remain comfortable even as life around them is in its own state of turmoil, inconsistency, chaos, and strife?

What if that way is to show them how to use chaos as an energy that can allow them to be smarter, be more assured in their role, and be more focused on themselves as rational minds with the ability to reason rather than sophisticated bodies with the need to survive... unpredictably??

You can guide them there!

Let’s Get Started

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