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Counsellors are invited to register your interest here.  This will register you as a participant but will not open the podcasts until you have confirmed your level of participation as a professional.  This option will be poffered as soon as you attempt to open the podcasts.

Payment of $375.00 CAD (plus HST) when you are ready to confirm your participation in the course.  This will open the quizzes, provide you with feedback and discussions in discussions, and allow us to send you a certificate of participation for submission to your governing  body.  You can study this course for a full 25 hour study credits approved by CACCF and CCPA


We have been approved as a provider of study content by CACCF and CCPA.  This course has been approved as the "Beyond Recovery" course for counsellors.  It has been approved for 25 hours CE credits. All professionals have the same access to the discourses as does the public. You do, however, have the privilege to request study credits if you participate in the quizzes and other study interaction with us. This allows you the ability to claim 25 hours study credits every two years. To complete it, the cost of $375.00 will be invoiced if you have initiated this with a request for CE credits. Payment is only due when you have received the invoice.

This course will take you on a journey that allows you to see the client, less as an addict or mentally ill person, and more as a person whose mental/psychological development has been delayed because of insufficiencies in exposure to the variety of challenges we have to face, guidance to embrace those aspects that are outside our range of understanding,  and the encouragement to build and use the discipline to own those experiences.  It will explore the reality that present these challenges from the physical, biological, and social differences and show you how to discover the gaps and guide the client to fill them. It has been considered both a challenging and stimulating course by those counsellors who have already completed it and we invite you to do so also.


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