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Your request for a consultation has been submitted to your counsellor.  Your counsellor will be waiting for you online on the day and time you have requested.  Please logon with the link you have been given in the confirmation email.  We look forward to working with you to elevate yourself to a more productive and purposeful state, either for your own edification or to get out of an existential hole.  You will find your discussion with your counsellor to be stimulating and insightful because online consultations give as deep an interaction as would face-to-face contact yet it is more convenient in time, place, and privacy.  You will also find that, by studying the lessons here and working with your counsellor make your experience more powerful and less dependent on long-term guidance.  Thus it is also significantly less expensive.

The counselling you will receive will be an arrangement between you and your counsellor.  Payment goes directly to your counsellor without any deductions.  You may pay here if your counsellor chooses to use our portal for billing, or you may choose the payment by cheque or e-transfer option to pay your counsellor directly.

Please understand that it is not a shame or sign of weakness if you feel the need to explore personally some of the ideas you have formed or questions that have emerged as a result of the information gathered here.  This is a study of your human feeling and behaviour as these are stimulated or disturbed by events that evolve independently within the reality you occupy.  These things happen.  Conditions change... constantly.  As Maynard Keynes (the founder of Keynesian economics) once stated, "When conditions change, I change my mind; what do you do sir?"

If we do not or cannot change our minds to adapt to new conditions, they accumulate and eventually drown us.  Here you will be able to explore and even challenge us so you can get a better grip on how you will use your new insights to build a better you.  We are like the professor to whom you can go for an explanation, not because you do not understand, but because you want a deeper understanding.  This makes your self-empowerment an affordable and speedily realized experience.  When you have completed this exercise, we will open the next module to you.


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