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Access to the full set of video podcasts for self-empowerment is free to all private clients and available for a reasonable fee to the general public who wishes to explore discreetly and privately without professional guidance.  Professional guidance is available by request for single sessions.  These are dictated by you and your personal needs.  Once purchased, you  retain access without any expectations for as long as you wish, coming back for some refresher checks whenever you want.

Remember, they do not give you any easy solutions.  Instead they attempt to open your eyes into areas that, though examined in the past, have not been made generally available to the all people.  This is perhaps because many people do not want to go through the work of learning or many educators do not want to go through the work of educating.  It is far easier to transfer an easy answer.

Purchasing the full programme  is a privilege that allows you to have full access electronically to all the  video podcasts in the library.  It may be all you need to pull yourself up and go forward on your own steam.  With it you also have the option to book private sessions with one of our advisors or sign up to do the quizzes and request study credits if you are a professional.  It does not bring you into a community as all participants use this site independently.  Your registration remains private, personal, and unlimited.  We trust that you will have read or will read the three main pages as they will tell you where we are taking you and why it is different.

Though you may think that self-study will be a complicated or burdensome exercise, it is NOT!  Think of it like learning a new skill. If you want to be a master from day one, you will be inundated and overwhelmed throughout the experience.  If, however, you see it as a gradual learning exercise, each day you will be excited by the new things you discover.  Yes, it will take some work and demand some time, but is highly rewarding in short order.  Here, however, you will get, not only the information pertinent to your special concern, but also insights into other aspects of life that WILL come up in your future.  Preparation changes any challenge from a burden to a delight. We look forward to sharing these deeply intuitive ideas with you.

The team at Prometheum Institute.

1 review for Full Programme

  1. Recapdoc

    I have been studying this course and I must say that it has inspired me tremendously. I am developing a new meaning for my lif and I am finding that things that once bothyered me or, on the other hand, attracted me are now less important. I am beginning to like me and really like the peoplw around me. That is strange for me but also very uplifting. AD

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