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If you are exploring these podcasts out of your own curiosity, you will be allowed to view the first podcast only.  You can then request access to the rest.  If you continue doing it on your own, a small fee will be levied.  For full, private, one-on-one counselling, you will have been assessed privately and agreed to a fee that will cover you for the full process, both in one-on-one counselling and using these podcasts as your homework.  The advantage of this option is that you do not have ongoing costs.  If you need extensive personal counsel for a prolonged period in order to achieve your end goal, there are no additional fees.  Once your goal is reached, you can have the occasional consultation, again for no additional fee unless you need to speak to a different matter at a later date.  You will have been sent an invoice for the full amount.

This is not an invoice.  It is your invitation to register your access to the video podcasts.  This is a private invitation allowing you access to the first podcast after which you will be automatically registered for the rest.  Full access is, therefore, included in your personal arrangements.  Use the podcasts to augment your discussions with us.

Though this website has been constructed as a means of providing a full set of video podcasts that lead to greater self-realization, our experience has been the provision of rehabilitation counselling to clients with an addiction, a criminal charge, or family dispute.  Our work and recommendations have helped numerous clients with an addiction to become productive, purposeful, and self-governed. We have guided many with criminal charges to beat their charges and turn over a new leaf, going forward with flexibility and a desire to do good because they know better. We have guided those with damaged family relationships to restore or otherwise resolve them amicably. We have guided those with poor or empty self-worth to believe in self and become capable, productive, and contented adults. All of these clients have learned to strike out on their own without the need for ongoing therapy.

We continue to offer these services in addition to our commitment to provide support to those who wish to use the website independently.


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